Personal Trainer Courses In Spain For Beginners

personal trainer courses

Personal trainers that have experienced and qualified personal trainer courses in Spain who will teach you some really great and effective exercises. When you practice those moves later at home amidst your busy schedule you should take care to filter out some moves which can be ineffective or downright risky specially when done unsupervised. Here is a list of some exercises you are best off not doing.

Avoid the lateral pull down

The lateral pull down is a risky exercise especially when done behind the back. Normally you wouldn’t have that much of shoulder flexibility to do this exercise properly. If you do not keep your spine straight while pulling the bar down you might suffer from shoulder infringement. Your rotator cuff might also get injured.

Ditch this exercise and learn a safer option from personal trainers certifications. Just bend your body backwards and pull down the bar in front of you while keeping the stomach contracted. This version of the exercise will have minimal risk.

Skip the upright row

The upright row demands that weights or a barbell should be pushed up under your chin. Doing this exercise is downright dangerous as it exposes your shoulder nerves to a lot of friction. Your shoulder can get damaged if you do this exercise without supervision. PTCertifications teach you all the correct progressions and regression to avoid injury.

Personal trainer courses in Spain advise participants to focus on their shoulders by doing lateral shoulder raises. This will require you to raise the weight out in front or side of the body.

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