Enrolling in a Personal Training Certification?

Enrolling in a Personal Training Certification?

If you are thinking of joining a personal training course for PT Certifications, the first thing to do would be to check out the cost. The monthly fee could be pretty high and if you add to that your transport expenses going to and fro you could end up shelling up a good bit. So check to see if the cost fits into your monthly budget.


The next thing you should check out before signing in is the popularity of the course. If it is a popular place you might well find members jostling for equipment and space, especially during peak times such as early morning and late evening. For those in Spain, you might be interested in the Spain fitness courses where PT’s fitness trainers will take good care of you and show you the ropes.

Such overcrowding will not be a good omen. You would have to wait patiently till the equipment you need to use, is free. This means a waste of precious time. You would also lose out on the exertion level you have built up just waiting around for your turn to come.

Using a personal trainer

Most gyms have personal trainers available to guide and assist members during their workouts. It is probable that an additional fee will be charged for such service. While having a personal trainer will definitely help with your fitness programme, the additional cost is something you need to think about.

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Privacy issue

If you are shy or reluctant to exercise in front of other people, you would probably be more comfortable working out at home. Working out along with a host of other people would definitely draw some attention to you. Such attention could take the form of interest, some of the curiosity, some of the offers to help. You could also attract negative attention if such types are using the boot camp at the same time as yourself.

Cleanliness and equipment

Since exercising can bring on a profusion of sweat this happening in a closed, or even air-conditioned space will exude strong body odors it is something to get used to. So when and if you decide to hire a personal trainer make sure the place is well ventilated or has air-conditioning. The equipment too needs to be checked regularly and kept in good working condition.

If this is not done you could end up having to use equipment that is faulty or not operating at all. Also, check whether the equipment is updated regularly and the latest models on the market are added.

Exercise options

While working out with your trainer you would address issues such as muscle building, cardio, weight lifting, etc. if you are keen on other exercises such as cycling, swimming, jogging, or rope climbing you would have to stick to the outdoors. This would mean having to split your training time between the boot camp and other such outdoor activities.


Much is made of the benefits of joining a personal training program. But as mentioned above there are also a few drawbacks you should take into account before making a decision. Working out in the company of different types of people young, older, confident, beginners it is a mix that can bring on a feeling of either acceptance or dislike.

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